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5 reasons a wedding film should be high on your list

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

When planning your wedding, you will have endless lists of vendors to hire and places to book. You may be unsure about whether you really need a wedding film or whether this is something you could miss out. I may be a bit biased, but here are five important reasons why I think a wedding film should be high up on your list.

1. Relive the emotions

Having photographs of your wedding day is super important. Being able to get them framed for the wall or printed and put in an album is a great way of keeping a lasting memory of one of most significant days of your life. However, while photographs are precious, they don’t capture emotion in quite the way that a film does. Photographs give you a snapshot of a moment but a film captures the build up and wake of that moment. There is something extra special about film that brings those snapshot moments to life, enabling you to relive the emotions of your day as it unfolded - from the build up and anticipation to the joy and celebration.

2. Bring back the memories

I’m sure you will have spent months thinking and planning for your wedding day. You will have thought about all the details of the decoration from the colour of the flowers down to the way the tables will be dressed. You will have tasted lots of food options and spent hours choosing the outfits everyone will wear. However, on the day your wedding will go by in a flash and you will be so busy enjoying yourself you may not even notice those details you have spent so long preparing. A wedding videographer will be able to capture all these elements, as well as the emotions that go along with them, so you can watch your film back and enjoy seeing how it all came together.

In addition, there will be parts of your day that you as the bride and groom don’t get to see, such as the bridal party getting ready or the buzz of guests arriving into the wedding venue. You may be having a chat with one of your guests at the reception and miss the best man busting his moves on the dance floor! With a wedding film, you will be able to see all of these moments and enjoy sharing stories and reminiscing with others as you look back at family and friends celebrating you and your day.

3. Share share share

Sharing a film is an easy way to let others who couldn’t be there into the joy and celebration of your day. A wedding film doesn’t have to be two hours long. You are probably more likely to watch a shorter, highlight version. You will be able to sit down with a cup of tea and watch a 5-20 minute video with people who couldn’t be there on the day. Even if you can’t be with them to watch it, video is really easy to share with friends and family through platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and even Tik Tok.

4. Capture the sound

While a photograph captures a moment, a video can capture the sound which went along with it, helping to bring the memories to life again as you watch them back. Your wedding vows can be overlayed onto the wedding film to create something extra special. You can watch back the heart-felt speeches and listen to bits you may have forgotten on the day. You will be able to remember the best man’s jokes and the laughs that went with them. This all helps you to relive your day again and again.

5. Treasure forever

Finally, a wedding film is a precious keepsake of your wonderful day that you can treasure forever. On your wedding, there will be many elements that only last for the day such as the cake which will get eaten or the flowers that will eventually wilt. However, a wedding film will last forever and has all the memories together in one place. It can be passed down through your family for generations to come so that your loved ones can share in the joy.



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